Electric Fence

Criminals cut our 6 foot high chain link fence, like it was butter.  Plus, knowing there’s so much  criminal activity, I often did not sleep well at night.  


We needed a safer solution and fast.  


We did not realize how easy it would be to install an electric
security screen over our existing fence. 


It took only about 5 minutes for us to attach each eclectic screen panel ourselves, no wiring

 was needed, we just connected to a simple solar battery and we had double the protection.   


Double the protection at a very low cost, that was even earth-friendly.  


I still worry but I now sleep all night


 How do you beat this?  


The eclectic fence eleritices just as well, and fits industry standard post and sizing, with no electrical know-how simply just plug in and be safe.  This is why the patented product is the contractor choice for electrified commercial, industrial, rental and residential security fences.   


Electric Security Screens (ESS)          

Electric Fences (EF)                                                

Call or email to learn more. 


Patent Pending High Security Fencing Security Screen Attachments are Incredibly easy to install, simply put a panel into your established fence opening, or even over your established fence.   


No electrical wirings, complete fence solutions, simple installs, plug in and feel safe  


If you’re a professional fence installer, our high security panels can fit seamlessly with your current product portfolio, allowing you to better serve the industrial and warehouse market in your neighborhoods.    


Our very simple panels do not need any wiring to install, this could reduce, simplify or eliminate your permitting requirements, please look up electric fence rules in your city or state to get a better understanding of your local process.  


All our Electric Security Screens (ESS)  and Electric Fences (EF) can be returned in 30 days for a 100% refund, for any reason.  Any shipping cost will not be included in the refund.  

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