Should I Build My Own

Should I Build My Own Security Electric Fence or Simply Buy The Pre-made Electric Fence Panels?

If you’re considering building your own electric security fence, you’ve probably already looked on the web to determine what type of electric fence that you want, what you need for higher security for your business or yard.  Even what type of tools you will need.

There is one seemingly very important question – whether to use individual parts for your electric security fence or purchase pre-made electric fence panels.

Using an individual electric security fenceHow to earth an agricultural electric fence? - YouTube

Many people picture building an electric fence piece-by-piece when visualizing fence construction.

Someone with expert-level carpentry and electrician skills. More commonly, you can purchase individual electric fence pieces online and build your own fence.

While buying an electrical security fence in pieces may seem like a great idea when it comes to saving money and better customizing your fence, building your own electric fence panels out of your basement or shed takes a lot of time and effort. You will need to build the fence rails, fit them to your fence posts, or have very long wiring ensuring they are straight and consistent and no one could move them.  Electric fence panels come pre-assembled, but you will need to make sure they are installed level, and possibly change some panels for length.  They attach very quickly to already established fence and look very good over chain link fences.

Using pre-made electric security fence panels

3 Simple Ways to Test an Electric Fence - wikiHow

One major advantage of using electric fence pre-made fence security panels is time. Rather than laboriously constructing each electric fence panel yourself, you have the benefit of skipping that very time-consuming step and moving right on to setting and installing the electric fence panels themselves. This often means your DIY electric fence installation can take only one weekend to complete, including electric fence preparation, rather than multiple weeks. Have your yard ready for spring and summer more quickly!

A second and possibly the biggest advantage of using pre-manufactured electric fence panels is quality.  The quality control process in an electric fence manufacturing,  will ensure a uniform product throughout not just each electric panel, but the entire fence.

When preparing to install an electric fence, many steps remain the same, whether you are choosing to use individual pieces or pre-made panels. Due to building codes, an electric fence panel yourself, you might have to hire an electrician. With pre-manufacture electric fences panels their is often no electrician needed as each electric fence panel is simple plug in ready.

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