Our Electric Fence Story




We own a property with a standard chain link security fence surrounding the property’s perimeter. This fence was breached many times by thieves, and often in minutes. We required a higher level of protection.  With such and easy failure we required a higher security to protect our property and more important our clients property.

Using the existing fence post, using roughly the size of our current standardized fence panels. We created, designed and manufactured a complete self contained electrified fence panels and frame system that matches and fits onto our pre-existing common physical fence, it’s standardized panel sizes also allowed for a much faster / lowered skill installation of new electrified security fences.  Allowing contractors or consumers options: 1) Adding an electrified barrier, utilizing and combining with a pre-existing fence, to make a double fence solution, or 2) Creating a new ground up electrified solution.  With both options, people seeking higher security can utilize the prevailing and accepted common fence sizes, to support and utilize known and accepted fence installation practices, working both alone or with and alongside the fence installation industry to provide a standardized electrified fence panel solution.

This low cost unified panel approach to electric fences can provide a higher level of security.